Emergency Updates - 2017


During emergencies, EID crews work around the clock and sometimes in hazardous conditions to keep our customers’ water and sewer services in good order. EID maintains a comprehensive dam safety program that includes staff making adjustments to water flows to keep our canals from being overburdened during these mass rain and snow events. Due to the severity of recent rain events, EID’s Board of Directors adopted an emergency declaration that allows EID staff to take necessary measures to complete temporary repairs and hire the engineers and contractors needed for immediate remediation efforts. See the links below to read more about the emergency actions.

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2017.02.24 PRESS RELEASE:  EID Water Main Impacted by Landslide

EID’s El Dorado Main No. 2 (EDM-2) water transmission main was partially exposed when a landslide affected the hillside it is buried in earlier this week. The landslide resulted in the closure of Highway 193, just north of Placerville off of Highway 49.  Read more...


We have had a number of inquiries from our customers concerned about how we will pay for the emergency repairs resulting from the recent extreme weather and if the emergency would trigger additional rate increases.

Currently, there are no plans to increase rates beyond the already approved three percent per year adjustments through 2020, which represents a reduction from the previously approved 2016 – 2020 rate increases outlined in the Proposition 218 notice sent to our customers in late 2015.

EID will utilize insurance to pay for much of the damage that falls within our coverage limits. This will help to defray a significant amount of the emergency costs.

Proposition 218 webpage

2017.02.14 PRESS RELEASE:  EID Board Adopts Emergency Declaration

During a special meeting held on February 13, 2017, the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) Board of Directors adopted a resolution declaring an emergency to address damaged District facilities. The emergency was called in response to the intense rainfall that has saturated soils, overwhelmed sewer facilities and caused collapses, soil failures, and earth movement affecting vital District infrastructure and threatening to disrupt the District’s ability to provide essential public services. Read more...

2017.02.13 SPECIAL BOARD MEETING: Agenda and Board Packet



Night Shot  Rain or Shine 
 Crews working  during the rain and night on repairs.